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Monday, September 8, 2008

My first blog entry.

Today I woke up around 4am and went to the gym after jogging for 2 hours. I made breakfast from vegetables from my organic rooftop garden and then went to the orphanage to help rebuild the leaking roof and then I took the children fishing and made lunch for them. On the way home, I saved an old woman who was about to get run over by a bus. Doing so, made me 2 mins late for meeting my friend, Dan Tag who was waiting for me on my steps. Today is Monday and Monday is both, "Art day" at my house, and "Toilet Bowl Mondays" at FDR skate park which is down the street. Today I am working on a chandelier for my father as well as designing a new line of smaller chandeliers which I am making in editions so that I can sell them at a better price.
they will be sorta like this but a little smaller

"Toilet Bowl Mondays" is when Dan Tag and George Draguns skate the huge bowl at FDR that no one else can ride cause it is too big and scary.

this is Dan, he is good. I shoot photos since I am so rusty at skating vert


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