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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Weird lady down the street

I was driving down my street tonight and this weird old lady I always see walked straight into my car. I didn't hit her but she jumped back and spilled all her groceries in the snow. I parked and helped pick them up. It was nothing but a bunch of onions and lemon juice. I asked her what she was doing with so many onions and lemon juice and she told me come come inside her house but I told her I was in a rush. She said, she had a Chinese Dragon for me so I couldn't resist. I mean, who would pass up a Chinese Dragon?? Well anyways, we go inside and the lights were off and she told me to wait a minute. About 3 minutes later, which is a LONG time standing in the dark, the lights came on. I stood there in disbelief waiting for her to appear again. She didn't. I waited still looking around until I mustered up the courage to snoop at all the stuff in her place. About 5 minutes later, she still didn't appear from where ever she went so I figured I should shoot some photos. Well here they are. I was there for about 20 minutes when I figured I should leave. On my way out, she said, "Don't forget the dragon!!" and there it was. The second I picked it up, the lights went out again and so did I!! She said she knew I took photos but I was to never reveal where I was. I imagine this story to be fact!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Katy Perry by Todd Selby

These are from a couple years ago. I had no idea who Katy Perry was but I let Todd Selby shoot at my house in exchange for some sort of credit about my chandeliers. I didn't know who Todd was either and I had no idea what he ment when he said he was gonna shoot my house for his blog. Wow!! about a month later I saw my spot on his blog and was thrilled! Thanks Todd!The Selby

Thursday, December 9, 2010

This band is amazing

This band is amazing because the singers are identical twins and they perform in perfect sync. True story.

Sanrio 50th party Miami 2010

Here's some photos of the event last week in Miami