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Friday, January 29, 2010

Just some chandeliers I made

Mother Puncher

I forget to post photos and links to my actual art on this thing. This is from a group show last Summer at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. It would be perfect for someone who has money and a storage warehouse or a house or anything. If this sounds like you!! Buy the hell out of it!! click HERE

It's a strange name I know. It's from a Mastodon song and I chose it because the piece is so cute and I didn't want to look like such a wuss. I can change the name for an additional $4.99

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I forgot I had a flicker account. Just saw it again tonight. I only have 6 photos on it. This is one of them. It's in Brighton, England and it this pier caught fire and burned into the sea a few months after this photo. Things like that have happened to me before

Love Letters snapshots

Here's some snapshots from the Love Letters project in West Philadelphia. I shot 1000's of photos over 6 months. I can't really show to many though. Here's some that were leaked before...maybe.....

High up on the roof.

Cruising around on the lift

Ari, Yofray Ray, and myself drove all the way up to Bristol to buy some stupid neon sign from some dude in the parking lot of McDonalds. I don't know why


Mike and I on the lift

Yofray Ray, I forget his real name, now, just his display name


Ari explaining the old graffiti to Yofray Ray

This guy flew in from Hawaii to work on the project. I forgot his name because my memory is about as useful as a football bat..

Even though we were allowed on the roofs, it didn't make it much less sketchy

Random group of photos of the day

Jason Musson and Amanda Blank at Issac Lin's art opening January 2010

Cheri at Beau Monde Holiday party

Nick and Shawn at Beau Monde holiday party December 2009

Pat Smith and Angela at Motor City December 2009

SEVER in Miami working on his mural. December 2009

Monday, January 25, 2010

Niagara Detroit's Opium paintings

Yes!! Watch this til the end

Bat Chandeliers of the day

So, I'm working on some new chandeliers for the 5 year anniversary group show at Jonathan LeVine gallery next month and I wanted to make something new. I wanted to make something that felt like a jellyfish/icicle thing and I didn't know what I was doing but I ended up sculpting these weird bat wings instead. I looked up "Bat Chandeliers" to see is anyone made anything like I'm making and so far I'm in the clear!!

Here's some cool stuff

Favorite: It's hand made bronze mid-20th century.

I also found this photo which I really like

Vengeance. Bats. Chandeliers. Fur. Leather. Studs. Ripped tights. Whacked out parties. Death stares. “Bat girl”. - S x D

Photography by Petra Collins & Laura Lynn Petrick


Masks from Magic Fun Shop

These are from the Magic Fun Shop that was in North Philly. I'm sure I posted them before but whatever

Sunday, January 24, 2010

youTube treat of the day!

Annakim Violette

This is my friend, Annakim. I met her through Kime Buzelli Whom I had just photographed for a Closet Cases shoot for Swindle which never ran. I asked her for suggestions of any one else she knew with interesting collections and She said her friend, Annakim would be perfect to photograph and upon meeting her, I knew how right she was.

Meeting Annakim was funny. I love meeting people whom I share a similar aesthetic, however, we were only had about 40 mins for the shoot. We had to talk to each other really fast, which ended up in us talking in broken paragraphs starting stories about things and stuff and not finishing any of them. I really don't remember anything we talked about and I doubt she does either.

I just noticed this pink stole, I wonder if it's the one I almost bought at Necromance on Melrose?

Friday, January 22, 2010