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Friday, April 22, 2011

Chandeliers from Corey Helford Gallery Show


Negasonic Teenage Warhead


Ohne deine Hilfe verliere ich mich in diesem Ort (Without your help I lose myself in this place)

Guided By Faries

Ship Of Fools

Bunny Breath

Gib mir wieder etwas Schönes(Give me something beautiful again)


Disposable Darling


Madi said...

These are all so amazing. I really want one!

Laura Goggin Photography said...

I saw your chandeliers in a gallery in NYC a couple of years ago and was absolutely blown away - fantastically beautiful! I'd love to have one - or many - in my home. :)

coleen said...

wow a work of art turned into lighting these are really pretty

cherrel said...

wow these are some really beautiful chandeliers