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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ryan Dunn Rest in Peace

One of my favorite photos. Ryan Dunn at the Troc in Philly 2000? Bam called me from the show saying Dunn was going to jump off the 3rd floor balcony. I was in the suburbs. Somehow I managed to drive to the city, get a parking spot out front. Somehow get into the show with a photo pass (back in the day it was really hard to get in to shows without a pass) I ran up the stairs and pulled my camera out and stuck on the flash as Ryan got on to the railing and just pointed the camera in his direction as he jumped without having time to even look at the camera settings. Totally lucky. Ryan didn't actually jump from the 3rd floor but off the 2nd floor. I don't know how he did this to look like he is falling from higher. Bam did the same thing. Security was chasing him and they grabbed his jacket and he just jumped without even looking down. I need to find that shot. It was in his Big Brother magazine interview.