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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Annakim Violette

This is my friend, Annakim. I met her through Kime Buzelli Whom I had just photographed for a Closet Cases shoot for Swindle which never ran. I asked her for suggestions of any one else she knew with interesting collections and She said her friend, Annakim would be perfect to photograph and upon meeting her, I knew how right she was.

Meeting Annakim was funny. I love meeting people whom I share a similar aesthetic, however, we were only had about 40 mins for the shoot. We had to talk to each other really fast, which ended up in us talking in broken paragraphs starting stories about things and stuff and not finishing any of them. I really don't remember anything we talked about and I doubt she does either.

I just noticed this pink stole, I wonder if it's the one I almost bought at Necromance on Melrose?

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