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Monday, February 8, 2010

Living Proof Interview

Intro and Interview by: John Freeborn.

I know at least ten artists named Adam. When I was young, I met an Adam who could do skate vert ramps, and then he’d hop down and shoot pictures for national skate magazines. There was another guy who would create these amazing zines and t-shirts. A few years later another Adam popped up who did these awesome screen prints of old toys and monsters.

It didn’t hit me then, but after college when an Adam rolled into SPACE1026 and hand painted the gallery’s tin walls and ceiling, I started to realize that the name Adam must be some kind of element in the development of creative people.

I also know an Adam sculptor, an Adam who does strange animal inspired chandeliers, an Adam who alters taxidermy animals as art, and an Adam interior designer. It’s scary and enlightening that if you name a person Adam, chances are you’ll get a creative person on the other end.

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