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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quick Visit to Tara McPherson's Studio

So, a couple Weeks ago, I went up to NYC to get some art supplies, to drop off my friend Bridgette, and to help my friend John find the lost Tough Shit's Van that disappeared after their last Brooklyn show. While John was meeting with the NYPD, Bridgette and I made a visit to our favorite friend, the most wonderful, Tara McPherson.

Tara had just finished this painting that is going in a group show at the Warhol museum in Pittsburgh, Pa.

I love the way Tara paints. I always ask her is she doodles and such but she really doesn't. It seems to me she keeps most of her ideas in her head then does a sketch and just explodes her images right on to the canvas.

Tara was waiting for the varnish to dry so she could bring it to be photographed. That's the perfect time to do a studio visit.

Tara's paint.

Books and stuff.

These are pillows. Comfortable pillows, I might add..

Various neat stuff.

A view from this angle

Bridgette and Tara! After this visit, Tara painted another painting for the Jonathan LeVine Group show then jumped on a plane and went to Brazil!

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